Mulberry Pomegranate Vitality Enzymes REVIEWS

    My wife was diagnosed with thyroid diseases, and it was so advanced that her eyesight worsened. After taking Mulberry Vitality Enzymes for two weeks, the cloudiness in her eyes was gone. Her eyesight actually improved!

    - Steven -

    After taking the Mulberry Vitality Enzymes, my eyes are stronger, focus is better and objects look clearer. My running stamina seems to be better and inflammation set in later during run, so I can run longer distances. My bowels are also better, discharge seems more thorough.

    - Thian Beng -

    The power of your Mulberry Vitality Enzymes! After taking my first bottle, I feel more energetic although I only slept four to five hours. It also helped greatly in normalizing my menstrual cycle as I had a long history of irregular menses (19 to 30 years old). My mum's blurry vision improved after taking the enzymes for a week. Her knee pain that always acted up during the night also went away! Thanks to Mulberry Vitality Enzymes for helping me and my family.

    - Hong Mei Yan - 

    I feel stronger, my mind is clearer and I can sleep deeper after taking the Mulberry Vitality Enzymes. My eyes are also less dry!

    - Laura Goh -

    Every month without fail, I would get a sore throat. I visited doctors, both Western and Chinese TCM, and nothing really helped. I was given my first bottle of Mulberry Vitality Enzymes as a gift, and decided to give it a try since I have read so much good things about mulberries and their antioxidant properties. I have not regretted it! Since then, I have had fewer episodes of sore throat infections, and when it does happen, it goes away much quickly than before. I find that the mulberry enzymes also helps in digestion, especially after a heavy meal. I feel so much more "lighter" and refreshed after consuming just a small cup of the enzymes after a meal. It's really a wonderful product and I would recommend it to anyone without hesitation!

    - Lily Shepherdson -

    I had gastric issues over the last 21 years since I was 8 years old. My usage of gastric pills increased yearly to the point that they were no longer effective.  When I started taking the Mulberry Vitality Enzymes, my digestive system improved. No more gastric! Better still, I see myself losing weight gradually and healthily!

    - Rachel Chow -


    I feel more energetic and my bowel movements are more frequent after taking Mulberry Vitality Enzymes. I do not experience any discomfort or bloating in my abdomen area anymore.

    - Lily Quek -

    Rainbow Vitality Enzymes REVIEWS 

    I have been taking Rainbow Vitality Enzymes for a couple of years. It helps me to detox my body naturally and after taking it, I feel that I have much more energy and does not get so tired easily.  I also observed that my skin gets smoother and surprisingly even my pigmentations have faded. Thanks for the great product!

    - Ms. Lee - 


    I love Rainbow Vitality Enzymes, I feel very energetic after drinking it. The taste is rich and pleasant and I like mixing it with my Yuzu tea, it's a perfect taste combination!

    - Ms. Luo -

    Green Coffee Vitality Enzymes (Aged 12 years) REVIEW

    I have been drinking Straits Wholefoods Green Coffee Enzymes continuously for about five years. As this coffee enzyme has been bio-fermented for more than 12 years, it has an exceptional taste that is smooth and rich. After a period of consuming the enzymes, I realised that I have become more energetic, both physically and mentally. Sometimes even when I exercise for a long time, I don’t feel tired at all. 

    The enzyme also has amazing anti-aging effects and my skin has become brighter, fairer and smoother. In addition, because of my long period of consumption, it has helped me to maintain my blood sugar level and bone density very well. Also, previously my gastrointestinal tract did not function very well, I often suffered from gastritis and sometimes I felt that there was some intestinal obstruction. Now all these have improved..
    - Lynn Chen -
    Sakura Collagen Booster REVIEWS
    I found it difficult to find plant-based collagen products. Hence, I was pleasantly surprised to chance upon Straits Wholefoods Sakura Collagen Booster. It is very convenient to prepare and I enjoy the berry taste beverage. After consuming it for 2 weeks, I noticed that my complexion was much brighter and clearer. Even the fine lines under my eyes have become less obvious. I would certainly recommend this product to others who want to maintain a youthful appearance!
    - Bliss Heng -

    After taking it for 4 days, i suddenly realised that my hands have become less wrinkled... and seem fairer too. This was an unexpected effect because i was anticipating the effect to be on my face. I could only show a current photo of my left hand (right hand to hold the phone camera). Why were my hands so wrinkled? This is because i hand wash my working clothes and hand the floor of my apartment. It’s good to see nice fair hand skin again that is fitting to my diamond ring. I shall have to take the Sakura Collagen Booster on a longer term to see more pronounced effect. Thank you for a good product! 

    - Kan Mun Yee - 

    Immunity Booster REVIEWS

    I have been experiencing chronic cough for almost a year, and it is often accompanied by flu. Every month, I have to see the doctor at least 2-3 times. However, within a week of consuming Straits Wholefoods Immunity Booster, I observed that my cough has gradually lessened and my nose blockage has improved. I continued to take the immunity booster and now I hardly cough anymore and my nose is no longer blocked. Surprisingly, my snoring has improved as well. Previously it was so loud that my auntie sleeping next door could hear my snores, however now she commented that she did not hear them anymore. I am really amazed by the results and I will continue taking the immunity booster to boost up my health.

    - Mr. James Lam -

    Whenever I consume heaty food, I will get a bad cough and a lot of phlegm. However, after consuming Straits Wholefoods Immunity Booster, I realise that the frequency of my cough has reduced and I do not get much phlegm now.

    - Ms. Lim Kum Chee -

    I used to have very bad sinusitis every morning but after consuming the Immunity Booster for a few months, my condition has improved greatly and I hardly experience the symptoms anymore. I will continue to take it to further boost my respiratory health.

    - Mrs. Chan -