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Premium Immunity Booster (with Organic Tiger Milk Mushroom & Organic Cordyceps)

✅ Helps with Respiratory Issues (Sinusitis, Flu, Cough, Chronic Cough, Phlegm, Bronchitis, Asthma etc)

✅ Helps to prevent your family from falling sick especially children, the elderly & stressful busy people

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Premium Sakura Collagen Booster (Plant-Based)

✅ Premium Plant-Based ingredients that helps to boost your own Internal Collagen Production, hence making it more effective and longer lasting. Giving you that Radiant, Beautiful Skin that you deserve!

✅ Recommended by Daily Vanity (Singapore #1 Beauty Media) under Best Collagen Supplement Category.

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VITALITY ENZYMES: Your Convenient Shot of Enzymes + Phytonutrients + Antioxidants + Prebiotics, all the goodness in one!

3 Types To Choose From:

1) Mulberry Pomegranate Vitality Enzymes: Eye & Heart Power

2) Rainbow Vitality Enzymes (Super Fruits & Vegetables): Youth Booster for Overall Health

3) Green Coffee Vitality Enzymes- Aged 12 Years, Limited Edition (Caffeine- Free): Metabolism & Mental Alertness Booster

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Premium Ready-to-Drink Apple Cider Vinegar Drink with Prebiotics

✅ Refreshing Great Taste with all Natural Ingredients!

✅ Aids Natural Weight Loss & Digestion

✅ May Help to Lower Cholesterol

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What Our Consumer Says

  • Lynn Chen



    I've been taking this 12-year-brewed coffee enzyme for over five years now. It's not just the exceptional flavor, but the way it has rejuvenated my energy, improved my skin's glow, and consistently kept my blood sugar and bone density in check. Plus, it's become my secret to powering through energetic workouts!

  • Ashlyn (5-year-old)



    Finally no more Chronic Cough!

    I have been having persistent coughs for the past few months, which affected the quality of my sleep. My mummy had been giving me cough syrups but there wasn't much improvement.

    After taking the Tiger Milk Mushroom Immunity Booster, my chronic cough stopped and I can sleep well now. I also don't fall sick that easily anymore. I love the berry drink and will request it from my mum daily.

  • Bliss Heng



    I found it difficult to find plant-based collagen products. Hence, i was pleasantly surprised to chance upon Straits Wholefoods Sakura Collagen Booster. It is very convenient to prepare and I enjoy the berry taste beverage. After consuming for 2 weeks, i noticed that my complexion was much brighter and clearer. Even the fine lines under my eyes have become less obvious. I would certainly recommend this product to others who want to maintain a youthful appearance!

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