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One of the best ways to keep young through nutrition is to do two things: 1) increase the intake of enzymes and 2) increase the intake of antioxidants Enzyme drinks (different than vinegars) that are carefully fermented and lab tested like this one by Straits Wholefoods marry these two considerations. The Asian approach to enzyme intake is very different than the fractionated way of western health approaches which use specific enzymes to treat symptoms. Asian enzyme approach gives the body the best enzymes+antioxidants and allow the body to allocate the good stuff where it is needed. This is nature’s way of prevention and healing. This recipe includes watermelon juice which is a natural blood cleanser – especially when you juice the...

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I love these superfood bowls that are all in the rage everywhere now. They are nutritious, filling and very very delicious. Here is a recipe for a mulberry based Super Bowl that will brighten your day. Ingredients: 1 cup green banana1 cup fresh mulberries (or strawberries)1 handful of almonds1 tbs soaked chai seeds1tbs Mulberry vitality enzymes1 tbs soaked dried figs Toppings:Hemp seeds with Chia seedsBlackberriesStrawberries   Blend all ingredients in a high speed blender and pour into a pretty bowl. Decorate with toppings and viola!!! The green bananas in this recipe binds the mixture well without giving too much simple sugars to this recipe.

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