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Ingredients 2 cups coconut cream 1 cup Masarang Forest Sugar In a non-stick sauce pan over medium heat, combine coconut cream and Masarang Forest Sugar. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently until sugar is dissolved and mixture is well-blended. When mixture has come to a boil, promptly reduce heat to low and continue to cook, stirring frequently, until mixture darkens and thickens. To check for doneness, drop a teaspoonful into a bowl of cold water. If the mixture forms a soft ball in the cold water but flattens when removed, it is ready. Transfer jam into clean jars while piping hot and seal completely.

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Most of us would already know that the all time favourite peanut butter is not such a great idea after all because peanuts are often plagued with aflatoxins. Try this really delicious alternative made with brain boosting coconut oil, Masarang Forest Sugar and activated almonds. You will not look back again! Ingredients3 cups activated, dehydrated almonds1 cup cold pressed virgin coconut oil3 tbs Masarang Forest Sugar In a high speed blender, blitz the ingredients into a smooth paste. Add more oil if your blender needs that to mobilise the nuts. This can keep in the fridge for a month. Best eaten with apple slices. ;-)  

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