Revitalizer Water Filtration System
Revitalizer Water Filtration System
Revitalizer Water Filtration System

Revitalizer Water Filtration System

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Our Revitalizer Water Filtration system uses advanced breakthrough water technology to produce Glacier Living Spring Water that is rich in

1) Activated oxygen

2) Negative Ions

3) Far infrared energy from the Sun

4) Minerals & trace minerals

Activated oxygen

In water and in our body, there are free radicals that cause our cells to age rapidly and increase the acidity in our body. Using our advanced water technology, we are able to convert these free radicals into activated oxygen by infusing FIR energy into our water which is transported throughout our body.

Our body requires activated oxygen to to burn as fuel, to stimulate metabolism and for cell regeneration & repair. Through the reduction of free radicals, our body also becomes less acidic.

Far Infrared (FIR) Infusion

When water is infused with FIR energy, water molecules with resonate at 10 micron/sec which will neutralize heavy metals and dislodge toxins from our body. It will also generate negative ions.


Energize & Revitalize:

Oxygen acts as a fuel to burn as energy for our body. When our cells are lack of oxygen , we tend to feel tired easily. Our water is able to convert free radical oxygen into active oxygen which our cells need as fuel.  Hence, the body is revitalized, energized and our cell metabolism is improved.

Oxygenizing Water:

Our water is rich in Active Oxygen which has both antioxidant and revitalizing properties. Converting free radical oxygen into Active Oxygen, our water is able to revitalise our cells, reduce cell oxidation and also improve body metabolism.


Our body accumulates heavy metals, chemicals and free radical toxins every day. Our water infused with Far Infrared energy can neutralize free radical toxins and reduce the acidity in our body.

Better Nutrient Absorption:

As we age, our absorption of nutrients from the food we consume will be reduced. By the time we reach puberty, our absorption of nutrients will be 10% or lesser. Our water is able to activated the nutrients by converting them into complex form that is easily absorbed by our body.

Excellent Hydration:

Often our body is not sufficiently hydrated due to the lack of water consumption. Our water has smaller water clusters resulting in better cellular absorption. Drinking our water can quickly help to replenish and restore fluid balance in our body and cells.

Restore pH Balance:

Poor lifestyle habits and exposure to free radical toxins increase the acidity in our body, which lowers our immune system. Our water can neutralize free radical toxins and supply Active Oxygen to our cells, thereby restoring the pH balance to our body.

Alkalescent Water:

Our blood needs to maintain at about pH 7.45 to be healthy. It is recommended by a Japanese water specialist that we should be drinking water with pH between 7.4 – 7.8 so that our body can maintain good pH balance. Our water at at pH 7.6 which is suitable for our body and does not affect the chemistry balance of our body.



3 Stage System

Cartridge 1 – OBE Anti-Bacteria Ceramic Filter:

0.3 micron OBE Ceramic filter removes micro particles up to 99.99% impurities, such as sand, metal oxides and kills bacteria. Anti-bacterial properties inhibit microbiological growth.

Cartridge 2 – Nano Silver Activated Carbon + FIR Activator:

Nano Silver Activated Carbon:

1st Grade Silver Activated Carbon from coconut shell removes harmful chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, trihalomethane, methane, etc. Silver Ions kills bacteria such as E.Coli and H.pylori.

FIR Activator:

FIR Energiser Ball is treated using Japan FIR technology. Negative Ion enhancement, increase oxygen potential in water, neutralise heavy metal and makes water cluster smaller.

Cartridge 3 – Activated Carbon Block:

Removes bad taste and bad smell. Improves taste of water.